Mike "IKE" Iaconelli, a renowned figure in competitive fishing with a list of prestigious accolades including Bassmaster Classic champion, Angler of the Year, and Elite Series champion, is passionately sharing his expertise through a series hosted by Bass University focusing on fall and winter fishing techniques. Ike's wealth of experience in tournament fishing has made him a trusted source in the angling community.

In this insightful series, Ike delves into the realm of fall soft baits, offering a comprehensive breakdown of his top three picks for maximizing success during the autumn season. His approach involves not just listing the baits but also explaining the specific setups and techniques essential for achieving results.

What sets Ike's tutorials apart is his hands-on approach. He takes to the water to demonstrate each technique, showcasing how to effectively use these soft baits to lure bass and illustrating their effectiveness through real-time catches. Moreover, Ike generously shares some insider knowledge on the various ways he rigs these baits, providing invaluable tips that could make all the difference between a good day and a great one on the water.

One standout moment in the series features Ike's encounter with a monstrous bass while using a free rig—a bait setup that holds significant importance for him during the fall. This thrilling experience serves as a testament to the effectiveness of his techniques and chosen baits.

For fishing enthusiasts eager to enhance their skills during the fall and winter seasons, tuning in to Mike Iaconelli's sessions with The Bass University is a must. With Ike's guidance and expertise, viewers have the opportunity to learn from a Hall of Fame angler, gaining invaluable insights into the top three baits recommended for autumn fishing success.

Fall & Early Winter Soft Plastic Baits Chapters

  • 0:13: Introduction to Fall & Early Winter Soft Baits Class
  • 3:36: Top Fall Soft Baits and Setups
  • 21:00: Fall Fluke Fishing Techniques
  • 29:15: Finesse Swimbait Technique 
  • 33:55: Free-Rig Technique 

What's Covered in This Fall & Early Winter Bass Fishing Class

  • What are Ike's top three picks for fall soft baits, and how does he break down their usage?
  • How does Mike Iaconelli rig & fish his favorite fall & early winter soft plastics?
  • Is the free rig an effective technique for fall & early winter bass fishing?

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