Few baits have gained more popularity in recent years than the Missile Baits D-Bomb. 

This versatile creature bait serves many purposes, but the most important one of all is catching big bass.

“The bait can be used in many different fashions,” said Dave Mansu. “Much like you would use a jig to put into heavy cover, you can texas rig it, you can flip it into wood, [and] you can flip it into grass. I use it with a heavy weight to punch grass. There are a lot of different applications for it, but it catches big fish.”

The D-Bomb – and the smaller Baby D-Bomb – give anglers a unique flipping and pitching option than can be used to imitate multiple forage options for bass. While Mansu often uses the bait to imitate crawfish, certain color options also allow the bait to look like various types of sunfish, which are especially effective around the spawn. 

Mansu also goes in-depth on the important aspects of flipping and pitching, including the right hook, line, rod, and reel. 

However, none of those things matter if you aren’t able to detect strikes and land fish out of heavy cover. Mansu discusses how to identify the different types of bites anglers will get when pitching and flipping into heavy cover. Additionally, he talks about how to properly set the hook, and land fish without losing them in thick grass or brush. 

  • 1:20 Color Selection
  • 2:00 Different Ways To Use The Missile D-Bomb
  • 5:45 Using The Right Flipping Hook
  • 7:50 Equipment For Flipping And Pitching
  • 8:30 When To Use Different Size Variations
  • 12:20 How To Fish A Missile Baby D-Bomb
  • 17:20 Detecting Strikes When Flipping And Pitching

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