It’s impossible to learn every technique in one year. While versatility in bass fishing is an important trait, many anglers often rely on only a few different baits and techniques to catch fish. In this seminar, John Crews focuses on two specific baits that anglers should add to their arsenal: small creature baits and flat-sided crankbaits. Crews highlights the Missile Baits Baby D Bomb and just how many different ways the compact creature bait can be fished. Creature baits are useful for as jig trailers, flipping and pitching baits, and – as Crews demonstrates – they can also be useful for shaky heads and drop shots. 

The other bait Crews shines a light on is the Spro Little John MD, a flat-sided crankbait. Flat-sided crankbaits are incredibly effective in the cooler months, but can also be used to catch more bass all year long. Crews explains the importance of having the right color and hardware on his crankbait, as well as different retrieve options for different structure. 

  • 2:10 How To Fish Small Creature Baits
  • 4:30 How To Punch With Small Creature Baits
  • 7:30 Best Hook For Punching Mats
  • 15:50 Best Line For Punching Mats
  • 16:35 Different Ways To Fish Small Creature Baits
  • 20:20 How To Fish Small Creature Baits On Shakey Heads
  • 25:50 How to Fish A Flat-Sided Crankbait
  • 37:00 When To Throw Certain Colors Of Crankbaits

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