Join Missile Baits Owner, Cashion pro and Bassmaster Elite Series Angler John Crews with Bass University for a special seminar about classic fishing lures that still get the job done.

Discover John's top picks for "old school" baits that remain effective in tournament fishing. He'll even share how some of these baits are making a comeback with modern technology (FFS).

Learn from Elite Series Champion John Crews as he highlights timeless favorites like the shakey head, skirted jig, and Carolina rig. These tried-and-true baits are essential for catching big bass.

Don't miss out on the chance to boost your bass fishing skills! Tune in to this seminar and soak up the wisdom from Bassmaster Elite Series Pro and Champion John Crews as he shares his favorite old-school baits and techniques.

Classic Bass Fishing Baits Class Chapters

Timless Bass Fishing Tactics Class Summary

  • John Crews, Missle Baits Owner, and Bassmaster Elite Series Pro conducts a class on classic fishing lures.
  • Timeless "old school" baits, with insights on their modern resurgence.
  • Learn about essential techniques and baits like shakey head, skirted jig, and Carolina rig.
  • Boost your bass fishing skills with expert advice and a Q/A session.
  • Discover John's recommended products for fishing old school techniques.


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