Lots of anglers avoid fishing the Carolina rig, maybe that's one of the reasons it's so good for bass fishing. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Greg DiPalma shares tips and secrets from his years of fishing the C-rig. Greg talks about his choices for line, weight, hooks, rods, reels, baits, beads, bobber stops and more. Learn time-saving tips to maximize your efficiency with a Carolina rig. Also, get tips on when and where are the best places and times for fishing the Carolina rig. All that and more in this Carolina rig bass fishing instuctional how-to video.

  • 0:18 Most talked about, least fished rig
  • 2:31 Tackle setup for bass fishing with a Carolina rig
  • 16:19 Carolina rig fishing baits
  • 19:15 Rods & reels for Carolina rig bass fishing
  • 21:49 Being efficient with Carolina rig fishing
  • 24:09 Carolina rig setup (how to rig a Carolina rig)
  • 25:51 When & where to fish a Carolina rig
  • 31:20 Electronics for fishing a Carolina rig
  • 37:14 More on Carolina rig power fishing efficiency
  • 38:21 Carolina rig leader length
  • 40:23 When to use bullet vs cylinder weights
  • 41:41 Follow-up baits when C-rig bite dies off
  • 43:19 Bead color
  • 44:29 Special situations for changing bait colors
  • 45:54 Scent for Carolina rig?
  • 47:13 Bass suspended off the bottom
  • 48:04 What type of grass should you fish C-rig in?
  • 48:52 Big worms on Carolina rigs?

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