In a previous on the water video, Bass fishing professional Pete Gluszek talked about Tackle You Need for Fishing a Carolina Rig. In this video, Pete talks about the mechanics of fishing a Carolina rig. He starts with discussing the difficulties of casting this big rig with a heavy weight and a long leader. Pete also talks about fishing a lighter weight and casting into the wind. Pete also talks about how to work the bait, what part the rod plays and what part the reel plays in fishing a Carolina Rig. How much action do you want to impart on the bait? Pete discusses fishing this bait around bottom cover and when you'll likely get bites.

Speaking of bites, Pete talks about what to expect when a bass bites a carolina rigged soft plastic lure. He covers how to ensure that you get a hook set after the fish commits to the bait. Once you get the bite, Pete talks about the importance of the equipment to ensure you get the fish hooked up and in the boat.

Carolina Rig Fishing Topics

  • 0:35 The Carolina rig components
  • 0:50 How to cast a Carolina rig 
  • 3:05 What size weight to use for this rig 
  • 4:50 How to work the bait
  • 7:00 Where to throw the Carolina rig 
  • 8:45 How to detect the bite
  • 9:55 How to set the hook on a Carolina rig

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