Bass tournament angler Pete Gluszek feels like the Carolina rig gets a bad rap. He's here to convert the haters, and get everyone fishing this monster fish-catching rig.

Shortcuts to Carolina Rig Fishing Topics:

  • 0:50 - What is a Carolina rig?
  • 2:25 - Why is a Carolina rig different?
  • 7:10 - Fishing finesse in all depths
  • 10:00 - Seasonal patterns for c-rigs
  • 17:40 - Fishing cover with a c-rigs
  • 23:25 - Depths for c-rigging
  • 27:15 - How to trigger the strikes with a Carolina rig
  • 31:15 - How to Fish the grass
  • 33:10 - Casting techniques
  • 35:55 - Detecting strikes and setting the hook
  • 45:35 - Leaders
  • 46:10 - c-rig baits
  • 50:30 - rod, reel, line, hooks for fishing a Carolina rig

Why a Fish Carolina Rig?

After briefly explaining this soft plastic rigging technique, for those who aren't already familiar, Pete talks about some of the advantages of fishing the Carolina rig, particularly what elements of power fishing it possesses, as well as it's finesse attributes. For a lot of folks, Pete included, finesse fishing with ultra-light line results in losing fish. The Carolina rig is great because you can present your bait in a finesse fashion, but you can fish with heavier tackle and not worry as much about losing fish.

Carolina Rig Fishing Seasonal Patterns

Pete Gluszek discusses the best times to fish a Carolina rig. For each season, Pete suggest some areas to fish for bass with this technique. Pete also shares information about the season when current is most prevalent.

Fishing the Carolina Rig

Pete Gluszek discusses locations to fish this rig, including some cover that he throws it into. For anglers who have a tendency to get hung up when launching this heavy weight around brush and other cover, Pete offers some tips for not getting hung up and losing loads of weights/sinkers. This bass fishing video also contains tips for identifying the target depth zone, detecting bites, how to trigger strikes and working the bait. Lastly on fishing the rig, Gluszek shares tips for fishing this rig in grass.

Tournament-Winning Carolina Rig Fishing Tips

Pete shares several tips for fishing this rig to it's maximum potential:

  • The lasso cast - what it is and why it's important
  • What to watch for throughout the day to ensure you don't lose fish, weights and soft plastics
  • Not panicking when you get a bite
  • Preparing for tournaments where you plan to fish Carolina rigs

Carolina Rig Tackle

  • Gluszek's favorite baits and colors, including Zoom Lizards and Zoom Centipede 4"
  • Pete talks about the model and action of the Cashion Fishing Rods he used for this technique
  • Fishing line type and lb. test he uses for the main line and leader
  • Target gear ratio for fishing this rig

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