One of the biggest misconceptions in bass fishing is that pros only fish products from the companies they are sponsored by. While it’s true they often use a lot of products from those companies, certain baits make their way into every angler's boat – regardless of sponsors. In this seminar, John Crews pulls back the curtain to reveal some of his favorite non-sponsored baits. While some of his favorite baits, like the Rapala Shad Rap and Megabass Vision 110+1, are widely known as some of the best lures of their kind on the market. He utilizes a few baits some people may be significantly less familiar with, like the Mann’s Baby 1-Minus shallow-diving crankbait. Crews’ top non-sponsor bait will come as no surprise: the Z-Man Jackhammer Chatterbait. Crews explains just how he fishes the Jackhammer, and how to match the trailer to the type of conditions you’re fishing. He also goes in-depth on other baits such as the Zoom Trick Worm, Yamamoto Senko, Zoom Super Fluke, and more. 

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