Bobby Lane famously finished second in the tournament that brought national attention to the original Chatterbait. Another pro famously weighed in a couple of toads on the final day to inch out a win and make the Chatterbait a household name. Bobby Lane hated the bladed jig before that tournament, but that second place finish showed him that flipping and pitching doesn't win every Florida tournament. Looking back, Lane's happy things happened that way, because now he loves to fish a bladed jig. Now, if there's a bladed jig bite in a tournament, he feels confident, having invested the time to become a better bladed jig fisherman, he has a good chance at winning that tournament. In this bass fishing on the water video, Bobby Lane talks about selecting the right trailer type, size and color and getting your retrieved dialed in. Once you have the right size, action, color and retrieve, the bass can't resist it and they'll choke it.

  • 0:16 Bobby Lane coming to you to talk about fishing a bladed jig and selecting the right trailer
  • 0:33 Bobby Lane's Tackle for Fishing a Bladed Jig
  • 3:36 Bobby Lane's first choice for a chatterbait trailer for early Spring, The Berkley Grass Pig. Lane talks about his favorite sizes, color choices and how to rig it on a bladed jig.
  • 7:14 Trailer for when the water temperature starts to warm up
  • 9:35 As the water really starts to heat up, as we approach summer, Lane switches up to the Berkley Powerbait Rocket Craw
  • 12:55 Accounting for fishing with an exposed hook on a bladed jig/chatterbait
  • 14:41 Important things to remember about the retrieve when fishing a bladed jig (different ways to fish a bladed jig and figuring out what the bass want)
  • 16:06 Fishing around grass and pads with a chatterbait
  • 17:44 Analyzing the bite to determine if you are using the right colors & right retrieve
  • 23:23 Bobby Lane demonstrates some ways to vary retrieve to trigger strikes
  • 27:30 Why did Bobby Lane start fishing a bladed jig?

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