Big fish Bobby Lane loves to fish for bass buzzing frogs & toads. In this bass fishing seminar class video, Bobby talks about his 2 favorite soft plastic frogs, and 2 favorite rigging methods. He breaks down the tackle that he uses for each bait and technique, as well as areas where he fishes the baits. Firstly, Bobby talks about rigging and fishing a buzz frog, this is a Texas-rigged topwater soft plastic frog that's reeled on top of the water. Then he gets into replacing a skirt on a buzzbait with a soft plastic frog, which is called a buzz toad.

  • 0:25 It's time to talk about new buzz frogs
  • 3:11 Tackle for fishing buzz frogs for bass
  • 6:13 Rigging a buzz frog
  • 12:13 Importance of screw-in weight
  • 14:05 Why not a belly-weighted swimbait hook?
  • 15:52 What's the best way to get bass hooked on a buzz frog?
  • 23:35 Rigging the new Berkley Powerbait Beat'n Paddle Frog
  • 27:27 When to throw the Beat'n Paddle Tail over the Buzz'n Toad
  • 30:43 Braid biting in the reel
  • 33:09 The buzz toad
  • 34:12 Tackle for fishing a buzz toad (buzzbait with the skirt replaced with a Berkley Buzz'n Toad)
  • 35:42 Rigging the Buzz'n Speed Toad on the buzzbait
  • 36:59 Where, when and how to throw a buzz frog
  • 42:16 Where to throw a buzz toad
  • 45:33 Do you shorten your rod when throwing a buzz toad around targets?
  • 49:05 Setting the hook, when and how?
  • 52:22 Clackers on buzz toads
  • 54:09 Is the topwater frog good for smallmouth?
  • 55:26 buzz toad blade colors

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