Hollow Body Frogs vs Buzz Toads - Gluszek

In this on the water bass fishing video class, "The Dean" of The Bass University Pete Gluszek, is out fishing over matted vegetation with 2 highly-effective summer fishing lures, a hollow body frog and a buzz toad. While these 2 baits are both frog lures and are both fished on the surface, that's about all they have in common. Come along with Pete as he talks about the areas he fishes with these baits, when he chooses a hollow body over a buzz toad, and how he works each lure. With such great matted vegetation, you'll certainly get to see The Dean catch a bass.

  • 0:15 Summer is the time for hollow body frog and buzz toad fishing
  • 1:51 Find the life in the grass mats and cover water to find bass
  • 4:10 Productive areas to look for in matted vegetation
  • 6:19 Keying in on an area with a hollow body frog and how to fish it
  • 9:40 What happens when bass miss the frog
  • 11:49 Working a hollow body frog over matted vegetation

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