Few things get anglers as excited as a topwater strike. While there are a variety of topwater baits on the market, one of the most versatile is the frog.

“It's so effective day in and day out, from January 1 to December 31 – depending on where you are in the country,” said Caleb Sumrall. The hollow-body frog gives bass fisherman a technique that can not only be fished as a topwater around brush and docks, but can also work the tops of grass mats – which is difficult for almost every other lure.

Often viewed as a “big fish bait”, Sumrall highlights that while frogs do often catch some of the largest fish in the lake, there are days where it can also result in catching as many as 30-40, if the bite is on.

When it comes to gear, Sumrall typically uses a 7’6” heavy action baitcasting rod paired with a high-speed reel when fishing grass. This – along with 50-65lb braided line – will allow him to effectively get bass out of the grass when fishing around vegetation. If he’s fishing around docks, he’ll opt for a shorter, medium-heavy rod to allow for more accurate target casting.

In this seminar, Sumrall covers the different ways to fish frogs throughout the year, different retrieves, color selection, and offers more tips to help you catch more fish frogging next time you hit the water.

How to Fish Topwater Frogs Chapters

  • 0:50 What Is A Frog?
  • 1:55 Why Frogs Catch More Bass
  • 3:30 Best Gear For Frog Fishing
  • 6:40 When To Fish A Frog
  • 8:45 How To Choose The Right Frog Color
  • 9:50 Tips For Fishing Frogs In The Spring
  • 12:00 How To Retrieve A Frog
  • 14:25 Benefits Of Throwing A Popping Frog
  • 15:35 Tips For Fishing Frogs In The Fall
  • 20:50 Tips For Fishing Frogs In The Late Winter

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