Bassmaster Elite Series angler Caleb Sumrall is on the water with The Bass University comparing and contrasting the swim jig and the chatterbait. Learn which conditions are better for each lures, the best colors for time of year and conditions and when to alternate between the baits. Caleb also shares the tackle he uses for each lure (rod, reel & line) and some modifications he might make to a swim jig or chatterbait.

  • 0:21 Two of Caleb Sumrall's favorite baits, the swim jig and the bladed jig
  • 0:56 Which bait is better & which colors are best for certain times of year like: prespawn, postspawn?
  • 7:13 Guntersville fishing pressure example
  • 8:19 Swim jig trailers
  • 10:00 More on colors
  • 11:03 Tackle for fishing swim jigs and chatterbaits
  • 13:21 Swim jig and bladed jig versatility
  • 14:27 Lure modifications
  • 15:18 Fishing a grass edge with a chatterbait and getting a reaction
  • 18:17 When to switch to the swim jig
  • 19:00 Why stick with the chatterbait?
  • 21:04 Getting fish to come out of grass with a chatterbait
  • 23:58 Hooksets with swim jig vs chatterbaits
  • 27:37 Keeping an open mind about where bass are setup on or around a grass mat
  • 29:23 The conclusion: when to choose a swim jig vs a chatterbait

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