In late January, Carl Jocumsen finished near the top 10% in the first Bassmaster Eastern Open bass fishing tournament, which was held on the Harris Chain of lakes. Directly after the tournament, Carl took The Bass University out to an erea where he caught about 40 bass in 2 hours during the tournament to share the secret tips for locating the bass and getting them to bite. There's a cold front moving in and the water temperatures are in the low 50s. The fish are not exceptionally active, but Carl has located a spot with his Humminbird Electronics and is using the Spot-Lock feature on his Minn Kota i-Pilot Trolling Motor to stay right in casting distance of the isolated grass area that he marked.

In this isolated submerged grass fishing class, Carl is catching them (consistently) on a Bladed Jig/Chatterbait. He's fishing the bait in a unique way and is refining how he fishes the bait based on what the fish are telling him with each bite. Carl talks about the rod, reel and line that he's using to get the action, hookset and line pickup he needs to effectively fish this technique. As the day progresses and the fish turn off and the bite slows down, Carl explains his progression through other baits when fishing an area where he knows there are fish, and he just needs to get them to bite.

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