Jason Christie, a top Bassmaster Elite Series and MLF tournament angler, joins the Bass University TV to talks about spinnerbait fishing vs. fishing a bladed jig. Lots of people ask, "When to fish a spinnerbait vs. a chatterbait". The answer is really, "When the conditions dictate one over the other". In this video, Jason talks about an example scenario of getting 3-5 time the bites on a bladed jig over a spinnerbait, but there are certainly times that the reverse is true.

Main Spinnerbait vs Chatterbait Topics

  • 5:10 What's the difference?
  • 7:20 The spinnerbait
  • 15:00 Water temperature & clarity 
  • 16:50 Advantages & disadvantages of fishing a spinnerbait 
  • 21:50 The bladed jig (aka chatterbait, aka vibrating jig)
  • 26:45 Advantages& disadvantages of bladed jig
  • 33:35 Bladed jig fishing gear 


Jason starts off the seminar talking about spinnerbaits. He discusses selecting blades, trailers, skirt, weight and other factors when selecting the right bait for the conditions. The conditions he covers includes primarly water clarity and water temperature. As it relates to this seminar, he also covers the advantages and disadvantages of fishing a spinnerbait in certain conditions.

Chatterbaits/Bladed Jigs

Jason talks about scenarios where he fishes the chatterbait, and what goes into selecting the right size, trailer and more. He discusses an element you really want when shopping for a bladed jig that he feels really helps trigger the bite. Lastly, like the spinnerbait, he talks about the advantages and disadvantages of fishing a bladed jig.

Jason Christie talks about the rods, reel and line he uses to fish both baits.

To close things out, there's a question and answer time about fishing these 2 baits.

If you want to learn more about fishing either of these baits, be sure to check out Chatterbaits & Vibrating JigsChatterbait Fishing and Keys to Spinnerbait Success

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