Patrick Walters has been fishing the Bassmaster Elite Series since 2019, and had a big win at the Toyota Texas Fest in 2020. In this 2021 Bass University fishing class seminar, Patrick talks about one of his favorite lures for putting kicker bass in the boat, a spinnerbait. Often overlooked by anglers in favor of the chatterbait, the spinnerbait is still a great versatilve bait for imitating baitfish and generating reaction strikes. In this video, Walters breaks down the spinnerbait components he uses (wire frame, blades, skirt colors, trailers and hooks) to assemble his favorite baits for different situations. He also shares the tackle he uses to fish his spinnerbaits (rods, reels & line).

  • 0:31 Spinnerbaits catch kicker bass anywhere bass live
  • 1:25 Dialing into the right spinnerbait
  • 3:35 Spinnerbait blades (types, colors & sizes) and Patrick Walter's favorite blade combinations
  • 7:02 Spinnerbait trailers
  • 8:46 Spinnerbait head & hook styles
  • 10:35 Gauge wire for spinnerbait arms
  • 11:34 Being prepared for every situation
  • 12:51 Equipment for spinnerbait fishing (rod, reel & line)
  • 16:35 Blade colors and painted blades
  • 20:06 Tuning a spinnerbait
  • 21:06 Retrieves and working a spinnerbait
  • 21:51 Fishing a spinnerbait deep (offshore)
  • 24:02 Santee Cooper spinnerbait colors
  • 24:53 Spinnerbaits in cold water
  • 27:35 Preferred swimbait trailer for deep spinnerbait fishing
  • 28:12 Trailer hooks with soft plastic trailers
  • 30:31 Question about blade sizes
  • 31:42 Question about wire gauge pros and cons
  • 34:47 Choosing between a spinnerbait and a chatterbait
  • 35:49 Spinnerbait weights question
  • 37:19 Spinnerbaits for smallmouth advice

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