Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing pro Patrick Walters joins The Bass University to share 2 sets of top 5's. Firstly, he shares his top 5 prespawn bass fishing tips, then his top 5 lures for fishing in the prespawn. Watch and learn as Patrick Walters breaks down the types and colors of crankbait, spinnerbait, chatterbaits, jerkbaits, jigs and Rat-L-Traps he fishes during the prespawn. In this bass fishing class video seminar, you'll also learn where fish move and how to catch them in prespawn cold fronts, using electronics to find good prespawn fishing spots and more!

  • 0:36 Reasons to love prespawn bass fishing & when it happens
  • 1:53 Patrick Walters's top 5 tips for prespawn bass fishing

Top 5 prespawn bass fishing baits (Patrick Walters shares his favorite baits for the pre-spawn and the colors he chooses)

  • 11:15 Crankbaits - Patrick shares the styles and colors he fishes in different situations and stages of the prespawn
  • 14:44 Spinnerbaits & chatterbaits - Favorite styles and blade combinations for prespawn bass fishing
  • 17:03 Lipless crankbaits (Rat-L-Traps) - Favorite brands and colors
  • 20:12 Jigs in the prespawn - where to fish swim jigs and casting jigs
  • 23:12 Jerkbaits - Patrick Walters shares his favorite jerkbaits for prespawn bass fishing

Patrick Walters answer prespawn bass fishing questions

  • 26:49 Jerkbaits
  • 27:50 What is a channel swing bank?
  • 30:18 Channel swings vs. long tapering banks
  • 33:00 Does Patrick Walters fish topwater in the prespawn?
  • 33:50 Spinnerbait & chatterbait setup
  • 35:22 Using electronics to find prespawn fish
  • 36:40 Is water temperature or length of day is more important in prespawn
  • 37:37 Making adjustments in the prespawn
  • 39:31 Blade on the jerkbait. Does it affect the action?
  • 40:27 Blade sizes & trailer hooks
  • 43:18 Boat position and casting angle in the prespawn
  • 44:04 What if you're only catching males in prespawn?
  • 45:03 How are people utilizing forward-facing sonar?
  • 46:24 What electronics does Patrick Walters have the most confidence in?
  • 47:37 Slow rolling or burning spinnerbaits?
  • 49:32 What to do in cold fronts when bass are in prespawn phase

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