Former collegiate angler, early Bass University TV subscriber, and now Bassmaster Elite Series angler Patrick Walters joins The Bass University to talk about fishing stick baits. Particularly, Patrick talks about how he utilizes a soft plastic stickbait to locate bass in practice, and how he changes his rig for tournament time.

  • 1:37 Looking for bass, where Patrick starts
  • 2:39 Patrick Walters' preferred rig for covering water and searching for bass with a stickbait
  • 5:42 The hook & line for this stickbait fishing technique
  • 8:30 Rigging techniques for getting the bait through cover
  • 10:30 Weigting a stick bait
  • 13:14 Where to throw this rig to catch bass
  • 14:22 Baits for fishing this technique
  • 15:10 Color selection for soft plastic stick baits

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