"The Dean of The Bass University" Pete Gluszek was on-site in Columbus, OH to share his love and knowledge of tail-weighting stick baits, like a Yamamoto Senko. Learn why a tail-weighted Senko differs from a weightless Senko and when/where/how to fish this technique in this bass fishing video seminar.

  • 0:51 Never stop learning
  • 3:05 Introduction to tail-weighting a stick bait and how Pete discovered this technique that catches lots of fish and big fish
  • 10:05 How adding the tail-weight changes the fall of the bait and why it's so effective
  • 14:02 How to fish a tail-weighted stick bait
  • 20:00 Casting a tail-weighted senko
  • 24:37 Pete's line choice for fishing this technique
  • 28:25 Senko as a search tool?
  • 29:37 A go-to when power techniques aren't working
  • 31:02 Learn to slow down
  • 33:23 Hookset on a tail-weighted stick bait and "shaking them off"
  • 39:37 Can you fish this in muddy water and bait color selection
  • 41:20 Senko size for tail-weighted stick baits
  • 42:27 Rigging time and how to rig
  • 45:16 Seasonal patterns and when to fish a tail-weighted stick bait
  • 45:34 Rigging and secret tips for modification
  • 52:36 Where to fish a tail-weighted stick worm
  • 54:30 Tackle for fishing this technique
  • 57:55 Student questions

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