Do you want to learn how to fish current effectively? “Current is such an important component in bass fishing for a couple of different reasons,” said Pete Gluszek. “ ... Current really drives the bite, it activates fish, it moves baitfish, and it creates opportunities for anglers to catch fish and catch a lot of fish.” In this on the water seminar, Gluszek gives his tips and tricks to help make you a better current fisherman. Understanding how current impacts areas is key for understanding how it changes the bass. Moving water can significantly change the positioning of baitfish in an area, which will relocate bass into current break areas to better feed. One way to take advantage of this is by targeting eddies – an area where the current is broken up which creates a backward flow. Eddies give bass a place to safely sit and wait for baitfish to come by in the primary current areas. Gluszek also goes into how seasonal patterns and current mix, and some of the best baits to use under these conditions – such as squarebill crankbaits, heavy jigs, and shakey heads. 

  • 1:20 How Current Impacts Areas
  • 4:50 How To Fish A Current Eddy
  • 8:10 On The Water With Pete Gluszek
  • 11:40 How Current Impacts Seasonal Patterns
  • 13:20 Best Baits To Fish In Current

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