Matt Herren loves to catch bass, after fishing for 5 big bites in BASS tournaments, he wants to go catch lots of fish. Spotted bass are healthy feeders, and almost any fisherman can have fun catching (50) 2-4lb spotted bass a day! This bass fishing video instructional and educational seminar class on how to catch spotted bass was recorded in during the winter in Gadsden, AL. In it, Matt Herren talks about the major distinctions between spotted bass that live in the river and those that are found in deep clear impoundments. Learn how these spotted bass behave differently, also what they have in common. Matt will start with the baits he uses to catch spotted bass in the current and walk you all the way through how to catch the bass that are chasing blueback herring.

  • 0:45 Difference between river spots and spotted bass in deep clear impoundments and the difference in foriage determining the size of those spots
  • 5:36 Spotted bass on the Coosa River and how river spotted bass behave
    • 9:10 Swimbaits like the Reaction Innovations Little Dipper
    • 10:35 Jig
    • 12:43 Spinnerbaits
    • 13:33 Crankbiats Rapala DT-6 Crankbaits
    • 17:59 Coosa River spotted bass spawning habits and the bait to throw during that time
    • 26:22 Summer fishing for Coosa River spotted bass
  • 31:16 Blueback herring lakes
    • 34:27 Damiki rigs like the Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot
    • 36:09 2 Baits that really shine on blueback herring lakes
  • 38:22 Characterstics of spotted bass that will help you find them
  • 39:50 Using a fishhead spin
  • 41:27 Areas where spotted bass will setup
  • 42:36 Tailrace fishing safety
  • 44:25 Things you can do with a Reaction Innovations Shiver Shot

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