Do you feel lost when fishing in the current? While moving water can help position bass in easy-to-catch areas, it can also be overwhelming for the inexperienced angler to deal with – especially when it comes to boat positioning. “The key to fishing current, and doing it well, is understanding how it affects (fish),” said Matt Herren. “What they like to do under different seasons, understanding the strength of the current, and all kinds of different variables.” In this seminar, Herren breaks down how current impacts different fish, and how you can make the most of it. Current can be generated in a variety of ways: wind, natural water flow, or dam generation. Each of these presents unique challenges and change fish behavior in different ways. Herren says the type of fish you’re targeting also changes how you should approach current. While smallmouth and spotted bass like to be in the current, largemouth bass tend to position themselves in current breaks and wait for baitfish to come by. When it comes to baits, Herren is off the opinion that fishing the water effectively and understanding the positioning of the fish – and how to correctly position your boat – makes much more of a difference. One piece of advice Herren does offer is not to get obsessed with fishing the heaviest weight possible. He says that while it gets to the bottom and stays there, it can often limit your bites and increase the potential to get hung up. 

  • 2:35 Understanding Basics Of Pre-Spawn Current Fishing
  • 6:00 How Current Impacts Different Species Of Bass
  • 8:20 Understanding How Current Positions Fish
  • 9:55 Where To Start When Fishing Current
  • 11:05 How To Fish Current Effectively
  • 19:35 Weight Selection
  • 20:05 Targeting Smallmouth In Current
  • 22:55 Importance Of Fishing Shellbeds
  • 25:40 How To Fish Current On Natural Lakes
  • 26:45 How To Fish Tidal Waters
  • 27:50 How Dam Generation Impacts Fishing
  • 34:40 Building A Plan For Fishing Current
  • 41:40 Throwing Crankbaits In Current

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