2019 Bassmaster Elite Series angler Matt Herren joined The Bass University in Gadsden, Alabama to talk about keying in on largemouth or spotted bass. On many lakes around the country, you have a choice to fish for either of these species (and sometimes another still), but they are very different bass species. They vary in average size, they feed in different ways, are located in different areas, like different conditions, etc. All these factors mean that you'll be more successful targeting one species on certain days, you have to fish for them differently, you'll have to look in different areas to find them, etc. This seminar focuses on a several topics related to largemouth vs. spotted bass.

  • Fishing a tournament where you have to choose which to target? Learn when to target largemouth or spotted bass for tournament success.
  • Ideal places to locate largemouth bass and spotted bass
  • Discussion of behavior of these 2 bass species types
  • Suggested rods, reels, line and lures for catching both largemouth and spots (including color recommendations and suggestions on how to fish the various baits)

Here are some shortcuts to main topics discussed in this largemouth bass vs smallmouth bass fishing video:

  • 1:15 Things to discuss
  • 2:00 Largemouth bass characteristics
  • 3:00 Spotted bass characteristics
  • 4:00 Where to find spots
  • 8:30 Where to find largemouth bass
  • 11:20 How do you choose
  • 14:20 Baits for fishing for largemouth
  • 21:25 Baits for fishing for spotted bass
  • 34:05 Simple rules

Matt concludes this 2 species seminar by answering Bass University student questions, like:

  • Under what conditions do you go north or south?
  • When do you throw monofilament?
  • What do you do in flooded river conditions?
  • and more.

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