In this bass fishing instructional seminar video, Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Matt Herren sets out to share some of his favorite ways to fish soft plastic worms in the summer. After the bass spawn is completely over and the fry guarding is completed, bass transition back out of the spawning flats. In this video Matt Herren talks about where the bass go directly after spawning and where they'll be throughout the rest of the summer. Soft plastics and jigs are Matt's favorite ways to catch deep summer bass. In this class, he focuses on his favorite rigs, including: the worms he likes to fish, hooks, line, rods, reels and other tackle. If you have Humminbird 360, you'll certainly want to watch to hear a juicy tip on how Matt Herren uses his MEGA 360 around docks!

  • 0:17 Where do bass go after the spawn is over?
  • 1:27 Advancements are allowing us to fish new ways
  • 2:52 GPS / mapping
  • 7:06 Matt Herren's first offshore technique
  • 8:40 Matt Herren's second summer technique
  • 9:47 If you aren't patient enough for worm fishing
  • 11:53 Fishing quickly, but slow
  • 12:48 How to keep a school fired up in the summer
  • 13:45 How important is color when fishing deep?
  • 15:10 When do you stop fishing out deep?
  • 17:22 Do fish stay out deep all summer long?
  • 20:49 Power generations schedules & activating schools
  • 24:22 The Carolina rig
  • 29:32 Idling with Humminbird MEGA 360
  • 32:56 How many fish to catch in practice
  • 35:40 Matt Herren's dropshot setup
  • 40:30 Best bait for triggering a school of bass to bite

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