Bassmaster Elite Series bass fishing tournament angler Matt Herren has won over $2m in professional tournament fishing. In this seminar from Gadsden, AL this past winter, Herren joined our in-class training to talk about his approach to flipping & pitching, specifically, "dropping" grass. Matt talks about everthing from the types of grass, to the tackle he uses, the details of flipping, the baits he uses to get to the bass and more!

  • 0:22 Why Matt Herren loves flipping grass for big bass
  • 1:37 Submergent grass - Coontail, hydrilla and milfoil and more. Learn the differences in these types of grass and where bass usually setup on them. Learn how to use your eyes and electronics to identify key spots
  • 11:48 Setup for submerged grass - fishing lure/bait (like the Reaction Innovations Spicy Beaver), rod, reel, line, hook & weight
  • 18:01 Keys to "dropping" presentation and getting good hooksets in submergent grass
  • 26:13 Emergent grass - Bullrush, lily pads, water willow and more. Best times to fish emergent grass, how fish use it in the spawn & determining the best spots
  • 33:39 Breaking down grass - learning what to look for to find the bass
  • 44:14 The importance of boat control and stealth when flipping grass
  • 48:16 Flipping grass questions with Matt Herren

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