James Watson loves the post spawn and summer seasons for bass fishing. Admittedly, pre spawn is not his strongest season, but he has some bass fishing tips for that time too. In this bass fishing educational & instructional seminar class video, James shares lots of fishing tips for selecting locations and baits from early spring all the way through the summer. James shares a secret non-Whopper-Plopper topwater bait that he loves to fish during the pre spawn and spawn. He shares tips to help you identify when the spawn is over and how you can catch some bass that are lingering around beds and guarding fry. James share some of his policies for tournament preparation, locating bass and marking waypoints during the post spawn. James spends a good deal of time talking about a great post spawn technique which can be effective all the way through summer and into early fall, a technique for which James Watson is well known, spoon jackin' docks.

  • 0:06 James Watson shares why he is talking about catching bass in post spawn
  • 0:32 How do you know when bass are done with beds?
  • 1:01 James talks about the spawn transition process
  • 2:58 Some of the best tools for fishing when bass are guarding fry, like the Luck-E-Strike Con Man Worm, and how to fish them
  • 6:09 Locating bass in tournament practice and marking waypoints
  • 8:42 Polarized sunglasses lenses for different light levels
  • 11:20 Areas where fish will migrate to after the spawn
  • 11:54 One of the best post spawn baits for fishing around boat docks and determining the right color and trailer
  • 14:44 Pay attention to develop the best dock fishing pattern
  • 16:45 Bonus tip - effective early spring, pre spawn and spawn topwater lure (and it's not a Whopper Plopper)
  • 19:45 Be sure that you have effective tools to make your baits work properly
  • 23:01 Buzzbait color selection for Spring and Fall
  • 25:55 James Watson's favorite pre spawn lures
  • 26:37 Spoon Jackin' all through the summer
  • 43:20 Tackle for spoon jacking boat docks
  • 47:47 How to fish a jackin' spoon
  • 48:30 Where did the "Worldwide" nickname come from?
  • 49:22 What's the deepest you've caught bass with a spoon on docks?
  • 50:16 Spoon colors
  • 50:42 Do you usually catch more spotted bass, largemouth bass or smallmouth bass when spoon jackin' docks?
  • 52:06 Tips for not losing $10 James Watson Spoons and other student questions

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