In the post spawn, Bassmaster Elite Brandon Cobb likes to stay shallow, but he does have a bait handy for offshore brushpiles. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Brandon goes over the baits, colors & tackle he uses to fish his 4 favorite shallow water techniques and his favorite deeper water technique for the post spawn period. Brandon also highlights the places he targets with these techniques with some additional tips on how to fish them or changes to make in certain situations.

  • 0:18 Top 5 Post Spawn baits (Brandon's favorite time)
  • 1:41 Buzzbait tackle
  • 7:11 The 3 Horny Toad colors you need to own
  • 8:18 Buzzbait fishing technique (when & where to fish a buzzbait)
  • 13:18 Wacky Worm rigging & tackle
  • 16:56 Fishing a wacky rig (where, when & how)
  • 20:46 Pitching tackle
  • 22:25 Pitching technique (where & when to fish)
  • 24:09 Big topwater bait tackle & colors
  • 29:16 Fishing a big topwater (where, when & how)
  • 31:19 Big shakey head fishing tackle
  • 36:02 Places to throw a big shakey head
  • 37:04 When and how to add sound to a buzzbait
  • 39:45 Speed & retrieve for buzzbait fishing
  • 40:49 Changing buzzbait blade colors
  • 41:58 Brand & size of wacky rig hook
  • 43:30 Wobble head vs shakey head
  • 44:39 Using heavy fluorocarbon on buzzbaits
  • 45:47 Will baits change based on geography?
  • 47:17 Sneaky tips for lining up on brush piles
  • 49:08 Short mono leader on braid for topwaters
  • 49:58 A time a wacky worm won't work?
  • 50:54 Wacky rig on heavier tackle?

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