Crankbaits are great for locating and catching hungry bass after the spawn. Depending on your body of water, you can target bass with a shallow or deep crankbait as they migrate back out of the spawning flats. In this bass fishing class seminar, Davy Hite talks about what makes cranking such an effective and efficient technique in general. Hite then focuses on the post spawn specifically, including how to identify if you're in the post spawn.

Depending on whether you're cranking shallow or deep, the tackle can vary. Deep cranking is tough on the body, especially if you're trying to get a crankbait down to 20' all day. Davy talks about the tackle he uses for fishing shallow targets as well as bombing plugs toward offshore structure. In this bass fishing video on crankbaits in the post spawn, you will also learn what baits Davy Hite likes fishing as well as tips for shallow and deep cranking. Davy ends his presentation by talking about the hooks he uses to get good hooksets and how to increase your chances of landing the fish.  

  • 1:40 Davy Hite answers some quick questions before his post spawn cranking seminar
  • 4:14 Cranking depth (what is shallow and deep?)
  • 7:05 What is post spawn and how do you determine what phase your body of water is in based on the current weather conditions?
  • 11:52 The shad spawn
  • 13:27 Reasons to love cranking
  • 20:07 Gear ratio for fishing a crankbait for bass
  • 25:30 Know your crankabit running depths
  • 30:40 Tips for successful shallow cranking
  • 34:25 Tips for successful deep cranking
  • 37:35 Davy Hite's tackle considerations for crankbait bass fishing
  • 41:48 Types of crankbaits for postspawn
  • 46:56 Hooks on crankbaits
  • 53:12 Landing fish
  • 58:44 Davy Hite answers some student questions

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