Major League Fishihng (MLF) Bass Pro Tour tournament angler James Watson was in Tulsa, OK to talk about "spoon jacking". Had James been able to keep his mouth shut, which he admits that he can't, he would have made a lot more money with this technique before letting the cat out of the bag. Watch this bass fishing training video seminar and learn how to jack some big bass on a spoon.

  • 0:59 What season this spoon fishing technique works, and where & what time of day to look for the bass
  • 5:49 Types of spoons and when to fish each type
  • 8:19 Electronics for spoon fishing
  • 10:35 Spoon jacking color selection
  • 12:01 Tackle (rod, reel & line) for fishing a spoon
  • 13:34 Water clarity for the best spoon fishing
  • 14:04 Spoon size selection
  • Spoon Fishing with James Watson Question and Answer Time
    • 18:26 Additional hardware for fishing a spoon. What does James Watson use? (swivels and stinger hooks)
    • 23:53 How to approach a dock when spoon jacking
    • 24:45 Bluff walls and bluff ends
    • 26:54 Fishing commercial docks with a spoon
  • 28:04 A good follow up bait for when bass miss your bait or won't commit while spoon jacking
  • 29:06 Getting fish up and over the rail and out of tight spots

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