Matt Herren is a veteran of 126 BASS fishing tournaments. He's made 7 Bassmaster Classic appearances and finished in the money in 84 of his BASS tournaments. A lot of the money he's won in tournaments has come from fishing a jig. He joined The Bass University in Gadsden, AL to conduct a bass fishing seminar and share jig fishing tips & secrets.

  • 1:32 Matt Herren's history of fishing a jig and what got him hooked on it for life
  • 2:26 Overview of what Matt Herren will talk about in this jig fishing class
  • 3:25 Why Matt Herren prefers a jig over a soft plastic bait
  • 4:30 Swim jig : why it's a great lure for beginner jig fishermen, how to fish it, versatility, color selection and more
  • 12:50 Finesse jig : Great seasons/conditions to use this bait to catch bass
  • 15:14 Arkie jig : Jig sizes, tackle and application for this type of jig
  • 16:12 Hooksets with a jig : The importance of rod positioning
  • 22:11 Football jig : Where and how to fish a football jig and Matt Herren's deadly tips for generating bites 
  • 28:44 Flipping jig : Learn how Matt has used the Dirty Jigs Matt Herren Flippin' Jig to make a lot of money in bass fishing tournaments
  • 32:38 Flipping and pitching tips from Matt Herren
  • 37:19 Grass/punching jig : Catch one 7-8 lb. fish and you'll be convinced to throw this jig
  • 39:20 Trailers and how many choices we have these days
  • 41:25 Trimming jig weed guards
  • 45:51 Does Matt Herren still fish living rubber?
  • 47:51 Story about a fellow bass tournament competitor
  • 49:23 Question and answer time with Matt Herren on jig fishing

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