Get Ready to Reel in Success as Renowned Bassmaster Elite Series Champion & Cashion Pro Unveils Masterful Dropshot Tips!

In this remastered on the water bass fishing class, Jamie Hartman, renowned Bassmaster Elite Series Champion, takes anglers on a deep dive into the intricate details of drop shotting. With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Jamie leaves no stone unturned as he unlocks the secrets to mastering this highly effective technique.

Throughout the session, Jamie shares his invaluable insights on two distinct setups for drop shotting, catering to the unique characteristics of smallmouth and largemouth bass. Understanding that different species have varying preferences, Jamie meticulously selects hooks and line sizes to maximize success rates when targeting each type of bass. By following his recommendations, anglers can fine-tune their approach and optimize their chances of hooking into quality fish.

Rods and reels are crucial components of any fishing setup, and Jamie doesn't hold back when it comes to sharing his top picks for drop shotting. He reveals the specific models and features that have proven instrumental in improving landing percentages, allowing anglers to feel more confident when battling aggressive bass.

While gear selection is vital, Jamie also emphasizes the significance of the leader knot and its length. Drawing on years of experience, he unveils his tried-and-true approach to constructing a reliable leader connection, ensuring that the line-to-hook connection remains strong and effective throughout Elite Series Tournaments.

Moving beyond gear and rigging, Jamie delves into the nuanced art of fishing the drop shot. From presentation techniques to understanding the subtleties of bait movement, he unveils his personal strategies for enticing bass into striking. Whether you're a seasoned angler or a novice, Jamie's in-depth guidance will undoubtedly help you elevate your drop shooting game and increase your catch rate.

Notably, Jamie shares his expertise on battling smallmouth bass—a species renowned for its explosive power and acrobatics. Through his comprehensive breakdown of fighting tactics, anglers will gain invaluable insights on how to maintain control, handle the intense fight, and ultimately land these feisty smallmouths successfully.

By the end of this Bass University Remastered session, you will walk away armed with a wealth of knowledge on dropshotting techniques, gear selection, rigging strategies, and battling bass effectively. Jamie Hartman's expertise and willingness to share his secrets are invaluable resources that will undoubtedly help anglers put more fish in the boat and elevate their overall fishing experience.

Jamie Hartman Dropshot On The Water Class Chapters

  • 0:25: Smallmouth Drop Shot Setup
  • 9:15: Largemouth Drop Shot Setup
  • 11:40: On the Water Drop Shot Fishing
  • 12:11: Rigging a Worm 
  • 14:36: Drag Setup
  • 16:55: Leader Length
  • 18:30: Fishing a Drop Shot
  • 20:30: Fighting a Smallmouth
  • 25:23: Dropshotting Largemouth
  • 32:47: Why to Fish a Dropshot

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