Topwater hard baits are some of the most exciting lures to use when fishing for bass. Often, the bites are ferocious, so much so, they may even miss the bait. The good news is, a topwater allows you to catch a lot of fish, and even the ones you miss, now you know they are there. In this bass fishing instructional and educational seminar class video, BASS Bassmaster Elite Series pro Jamie Hartman is in Tulsa, OK sharing tips for fishing some of the his favorite topwater hard baits. Watch this 40-minute video to learn how to fish poppers, walking baits and ploppers and get ready for some explosive topwater bites.

  • 0:28 When to throw popper style baits and the differences in baits like the Yellow Magic Japanese Popper and Rebel Pop-R Topwater Popper and other topwater lures
  • 4:56 Rigging & tackle tips for topwaters to keep from getting tangled or losing fish
  • 9:56 Why use the Owner Short Shank Treble Hook on topwater baits, and landing fish
  • 13:12 Cadence and selecting the right topwater for the foriage and situation
  • 15:24 Jamie Hartman's favorite braid to fluorocarbon knot
  • 17:10 Tackle for fishing a Popper (Pop-R)
  • 18:21 Walking Baits like the Reaction Innovations Vixen or Teckel USA Kicknocker Walking Bait
  • 22:26 Dialing in the cadance on a walking bait is key
  • 25:16 River2Sea Whopper Plopper color selection and fishing tips
  • 34:08 Tackle for fishing a Whopper Plopper

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