Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishermen Jamie Hartman joins The Bass University in Lawrenceburg, Indiana to talk about fishing offshore. Jamie Hartman is the type of angler that doesn't want to be up on the shore, beating the banks for bass. He'd rather be offshore on the humps, breaks and ledges looking for schooling fish or groups of fish. A lot of what has made that possible is technological advancements in graphing, sonar, GPS and 3d down-imaging, side-imaging and 360 degree electronics.

Main Offshore Structure Fishing Topics

  • 0:25 Offshore execution
  • 1:25 Evaluate what you're fishing
  • 9:05 Offshore baits
  • 14:50 Hook-set execution
  • 26:15 Baits for a carolina rig fishing offshore
  • 31:30 Knots for offshore fishing
  • 37:40 Boat positioning

Graphing Offshore Structure

Jamie discusses how he uses his electronics and maps to locate areas that should hold bass. He talks about how he idles over areas, marking waypoints and graphing the seasonal features that he's targeting. He also talks about how he elimates lower percentage areas to increase his efficiency.

Offshore Bass Fishing Baits

Find out what baits are great for fishing offshore structure. Some baits excel at helping you locate sweet spots, and some baits will burn a fish and disrupt the school. In this video, Jamie will talk about 5 techniques he uses frequently, and a popular technique that he will use, but prefers not to use. Once you've caught all the bass you think you can catch, Jamie Hartman has a suggestion for one more technique to try before you leave.

  • Learn the hooksets for several of the recommended offshor fishing techniques
  • Jamie's tackle recommendations for several techniques and various condition considerations
  • Learn a great flurocarbon knot and tips to keep your bait from collecting grass and moss

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