After the post-spawn feed up, as summer approaches, a good number of bass move offshore to their summering holes. In this bass fishing instructional video class seminar, Lee Livesay shares his approach to locating bass offshore using his Lakemaster maps on his Humminbird Helix Electronics. After locating bass offshore, it's imperative that you setup your boat and maintain position to be successful at catching fish. Your boat moves faster than you may think and offshore bass can group up really tight. Lee also has lure recommendations for early summer through suspended fish in the late summer. Timing is everything with offshore bass fishing. Depending on where you are in the country, presence of current, time of day, and other factors, bass may be schooled up offshore in the morning, midday or afternoon. Livesay wraps up this offshore bass fishing class by answering some student questions about keeping fish hooked on big crankbaits, deciding if the fish you see on your sidescan and downscan are bass, and why the scrounger head is such a good bait.

  • 0:21 Finding offshore bass fishing spots - graphing and mapping offshore structure with electronics
  • 1:58 Example of graphing a familiar body of water vs looking for offshore structure on a new lake
  • 5:39 Lee Livesay's process for finding productive offshore fishing spots with his Lakemaster mapping
  • 10:38 Boat positioning and casting angles when approaching and fishing offshore fishing areas
  • 16:00 Bass fishing lures, techniques and presentations for offshore
    • 16:28 Late Spring offshore bass fishing lures - (late May or early June) fish have just moved off the bank
    • 27:40 Baits for catching suspended fish in July or August
  • 30:51 Timing is important for finding bass offshore, depending on the region you're fishing, time of day, etc.
  • 34:28 Keeping fish hooked up on a big crankbait and using a flutter spoon
  • 37:14 Determining the species of fish on electronics
  • 39:11 Why the scrounger head is so good

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