Do you want to understand how to use your electronics better? Utilizing high-quality electronics and mapping cards can help anglers eliminate water and find fish quicker than anything else. In this seminar, Lee Livesay breaks down the new Hummingbird Premium Lakemaster mapping cards and shows how anglers can use that technology to spend more time on the water productively. Using his Hummingbird Helix 12, Livesay explains how to locate offshore structure, how to find schools of baitfish, and how to locate bass offshore. 

  • 0:30 How To Find Offshore Roadbeds
  • 3:00 How To Find Fish On Offshore Points
  • 6:10 Finding The Best Graph Settings
  • 7:45 How To Look For Bass In Schools of Bait
  • 8:40 Finding The Best Boat Speed For Scanning
  • 10:50 What To Do When You Find Bait With No Bass
  • 12:40 Hummingbird And Lakemaster Setting Tips

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