You can't always run around your favorite spot with the trolling motor on 70+ slinging your favorite search bait and catch tournament-winning bass. Particularly on high-pressured lakes like Guntersville and Chickamauga. Sometimes you have to take a more stealthy approach. In this bass fishing class seminar video, Lee Livesay shares tips on sneaking up on bass without them knowing you are there so you can continue to get explosive bites from big bass, even when the fishing pressure is high and other tournament anglers aren't getting bit.

  • 0:23 Lee Livesay introduction to stealth mode bass fishing
  • 0:55 Are you fishing too fast? When and where should you slow down...and how?
  • 1:56 Where to be stealthy with your bass fishing approach (Chickamauga example)
  • 5:33 Stealth mode fishing is key in shallow water
  • 9:51 Why does stealth mode bass fishing work?
  • 15:36 How to be stealthy and catch bass on a body of water that gets a lot of pressure
  • 17:02 Tackle for stealth fishing
  • 21:12 Other ways to be extra stealthy when bass fishing in pressured areas
  • 23:55 How to decide to take the time to push pole into an area in a bass fishing tournament
  • 25:57 Weight transfer baits and other tips for longer casting distance
  • 27:57 Solunar tables
  • 31:00 How does hydrowave fit into stealth mode fishing?
  • 37:15 How using sonar electronics affects bass bites
  • 40:08 Problems with sounds you can't control
  • 41:37 The Heddon Feathered Treble Super Spook Walking Bait

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