There’s swallow water, and then there’s super shallow water. Bass – especially in the fall – can often be found in less than a foot of water feeding on baitfish. When targeting those bass, triggering a reaction strike is key. In this seminar, Lee Livesay explains his approach to catching shallow-water fish. Livesay relies heavily on three baits: a walking topwater, wake bait, and a hard-bodied swimbait. 

  • 2:00 Covering Water
  • 3:40 Gear Setup For Topwater
  • 7:50 Topwater Color Selection
  • 9:00 Wake Baits
  • 10:45 Hard-Bodied Swimbaits
  • 13:10 Gear Setup For Hard-Bodied Swimbaits
  • 16:25 Retrieving Hard-Bodied Swimbaits
  • 24:20 Fishing Topwaters
  • 31:25 Retrieving Topwater Walking Baits
  • 42:00 Finding Packs Of Fish

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