Bassmaster Elite Series tournament bass fishing angler Harvey Horne sits down with The Bass University's Pete Gluszek to discuss an often overlooked bait, the wake bait. Learn why this slightly subsurface bait triggers wolfpacks of bass to attack, which bait Harvey fishes, the shape of his favorite Spro wake bait, and when to fish this bait.

  • 0:20 Pete Gluszek welcomes Harvey Horne in this Bass University interview
  • 2:06 Harvey Horne discusses the Spro Essential Series Zero Minnow Wakebait
  • 4:17 What makes the elongated wake bait outperform the shorter crankbait-shaped wake baits, in Harvey Horne's opinion?
  • 5:18 When to fish a wake bait like the Spro Essential Series Zero Minnow Wakebait
  • 6:45 Where does this technique work?
  • 9:01 Humminbird electronics on Harvey Horne's Xpress boat

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