Harvey Horne's early bass fishing tournament success came out of aluminum boat, fishing shallow backwater areas. When he moved to a fiberglass boat, he was unable to fish some of his favorite areas as comfortably because of how the boat sat in the water and concerns about the hull. Horne returned to Xpress boats, upgraded to lithium batteries and now his boat sits higher than ever before and he's able to access backwater areas that hold less pressured bass. In this bass fishing seminar video class, Harvey Horne talks about why he chooses Xpress over fiberglass boats, and how hard-to-reach shallow water areas hold bass all year, through all the seasons. Then Harvey answers a deluge of questions from The Bass University students about topics ranging from "What is your second favorite Big Bite Bait?" to "How do you know when you are able to get your boat into a hard-to-access backwater fishing spot?"

  • 0:17 Why Harvey Horne (and some other pros) fish out of an aluminum boat like an Xpress
  • 5:01 Preparing for fishing in shallow water and hard-to-access backwater areas
  • 6:17 Seasonal considerations - hard-to-access water hold bass all year
  • 12:24 Any sound difference in an Xpress boat vs a fiberglass boat?
  • 13:26 How does an Xpress boat handle big waters like Champlain, Ontario, St. Lawrence River & Erie and the waves?
  • 14:29 Knowing when you can and can't access certain backwater areas because of obstructions like fallen trees
  • 17:38 Tips for not damaging the hull or equipment when accessing shallow water hot spots
  • 18:56 How important is spot-lock in a lighter hull boat?
  • 20:50 Plugging up and trying to flush the water pump impeller
  • 22:39 Harvey Horne's second favorite Big Bite Baits
  • 23:30 How important is current in backwater areas?
  • 24:54 Testing how shallow of water you can access by getting out of the boat
  • 26:27 When do you give up on accessing the hard-to-reach bass fishing areas because they just aren't up shallow?
  • 28:04 Best baits for fishing shallow water, once you access it
  • 29:31 Good all-around fishing rod
  • 30:24 Smaller and lighter aluminum boats in heavy wind
  • 31:27 Heavy Spring rains
  • 32:50 How big are the bass in the backwater shallow areas?
  • 33:47 How long do you fish a shallow water area in your aluminum boat before you abandon it and move on (practice & tournament)?

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