Doyle Hodgin has located, purchased and restored two boats from the first Bassmaster Classic in 1971. The first, boat #17 and the second, which he just finished restoring in 2022 was boat #10, which Bobby Murray used to win the first Bassmaster Classic. To complete the package, Doyle worked with Bobby Murray to also reconstruct the first rod, reel, line & spinnerbait he used to win that first Classic. Hear about how Doyle found the boats, the process of restoring them, showing them to Bobby Murray and Ray Scott and more history of the Classic from Ken Duke.

  • 1:02 First Bassmaster Classic boat
  • 2:49 Features of the first Classic boats
  • 3:31 Where did Doyle get this Classic boat?
  • 6:15 The original "Mystery Lake Classics"
  • 7:56 Unfinished Martin family business
  • 9:09 Spinnerbaits dominated early Bassmaster Classics
  • 11:33 The tackle that won that first Bassmaster Classic
  • 15:08 Bobby Murray & Ray Scott see the boat
  • 20:07 Restoring Bobby Murray's Classic boat
  • 24:40 What's the value of the restored boat?
  • 27:10 How the first boat #s were assigned
  • 28:55 When they stopped doing Classic boats

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