Seasonal Swing Head Jigs - Harvey Horne

Harvey Horne attrinutes a lot of his bass fishing tournament success to fishing a swing head jig or hard head football jighead. In this bass fishing class seminar, Harvey takes a seasonal approach to baits and tackle for this technique, and ends his seminar by answering student questions about: the advantages of fishing a swing head, the proper retrieve, best time of year, fishing a swing head in cover and more. Buy Harvey Horne's Swing Head Tackle.

  • 0:21 Swing heads are a money-winning bait for Harvey Horne
  • 1:04 Harvey Horne's money-maker rig
  • 2:26 Swing head fishing in the Spring
  • 3:44 Tackle for fishing a swing head jig
  • 5:29 What Harvey Horne is looking for in the Spring for fishing a swing head
  • 8:35 What to target in Summer and Fall
  • 11:22 Winter
  • 12:11 Soft plastic bait colors
  • 13:41 Other tackle adjustments for seasons and conditions
  • 15:15 Swing head on swim baits during the shad spawn
  • 16:47 Advantages of a swing head over a other rigs and jigs
  • 20:28 There's nothing you can't put on a swing head jig
  • 21:49 Fishing swing heads as a co-angler
  • 23:40 Retrieve for fishing a swing head
  • 24:33 Using a swing head in the grass
  • 25:31 Hookset
  • 27:24 The best time of year to build confidence in fishing a swing head for bass
  • 30:28 Avoiding hang-ups with a swing head
  • 31:39 Rod angle
  • 32:21 Fishing a swing head for bass in brush piles
  • 33:27 What makes you decide that the swing head jig is the right bait?

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