If you're interested in swinging head / wobble head fishing, you'll want to check out this on the water bass fishing class with Mark Zona. Zona throws a Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head most of the time, learn why in this 23-minute bass fishing video.

  • 1:16 What swing head does Mark Zona use? What features does this wobble head offer? Strike King Tour Grade Tungsten Swing Football Head
  • 2:23 What's the best hook to pair with this swing head?
  • 2:56 Where do you fish this rig?
  • 4:04 Baits for fishing on a wobble head and how to rig the bait on the hook.
  • 4:53 Fishing and setting the hook with a swing head.
  • 6:30 Modifying baits and colors
  • 6:53 Jig jead weight size selection for fishing a wobble head rig
  • 8:33 Fishing demonstration of the swing head jig (like the original Gene Larew Biffle Hardhead)
  • 12:11 Getting a bite and setting a the hooks demonstration
  • 14:20 Weight selecting review (jig head weights depend on the depth you're fishing)
  • 16:36 Successful hookset on a smallmouth bass
  • 18:25 Another successful wobble head hookset demonstration
  • 22:24 Fishing the swing head around grass

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