Different Way to Fish a Squarebill Crankbait - Mark Zona

Different Way to Fish a Squarebill Crankbait - Mark Zona


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A squarebill crankbait wins a lot of tournaments! They differ from traditional round-lipped diving crankbaits, for instance, most other crankbaits, if tossed into a laydown, are not coming back to you. So, while the squarebill is known for catching fish out of shoreline cover, Mark Zona is here to share some secrets on another way to fish this unique crankbait, away from the bank.

  • 0:36 How a squarebill crankbait is utilized to catch bass
  • 1:14 Mark Zona's unique approach to fishing a squarebill crankbait
  • 2:04 What's the primary change I need to make to my cranking setup to fish squarebills this way?
  • 2:18 What's so great about squarebill crankbaits?
  • 2:39 Tackle for fishing a squarebill crankbait offshore
  • 3:42 Retrieve to trigger strikes with this crankbait technique
  • 4:29 Color selection for offshore squarebill fishing
  • 5:06 Tips for being successful with this cranking technique
  • 6:51 Mark Zona demonstrates how to fish a squarebill crankbait offshore, away from laydowns and other shoreline cover
  • 9:43 Zona catches a bass offshore cranking with a squarebill
  • 12:51 The whole magic of fishing this technique
  • 18:19 What areas you're looking for on your electronics for fishing a squarebill crankbait offshore
  • 19:14 Zona hooks into a good smallmouth bass while fishing a squarebill offshore

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The information is very valuable, priceless, it has helped me catch more fish on the water and improve my tournament fishing.
- Steven C.