Mark Zona has done countless instructional videos on the traditional way of fishing a tube, a tube and an exposed hook jighead pushed up into the cavity of the tube. Today, he's joined The Bass University to talk about another way to fish a tube for bass.

Main Topics in this Stupid Tube Bass Fishing Video

  • 0:40 Alternative way to rig and fish a tube
  • 1:27 Rigging a stupid tube, and why the hook is so important
  • 2:49 Why fish a stupid tube instead of cracking a tube?
  • 3:46 Tackle differences between a stupid tube and cracking a tube
  • 5:25 Stupid tube fishing demonstration with Mark Zona
  • 7:20 Jighead weights for fishing this technique
  • 7:46 How do you fish a stupid tube?

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