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Mark Zona presented this bass fishing instructional seminar in Kokomo, Indiana. In this 48-minute video, Mark is talking about smallmouth bass in lakes. Zona is an accomplished angler, but he's also spent time fishing 1-on-1 with the best anglers in the world, and with all that experience, he has a load of smallmouth fishing secret tips to share with Bass University TV students.

Main Topics in This Smallmouth Bass Fishing Class

  • 3:20 5 techniques for giant smallmouth 
  • 5:00 2 main things to find giants
  • 5:15 Where to find giants
  • 6:20 Two kinds of smallmouth
  • 9:30 Difference between largemouth and smallmouth
  • 12:45 Finding irregularities 
  • 22:50 Pass and run approach
  • 23:45 Umbrella rig
  • 30:40 Jerkbaits for smallmouth
  • 34:05 Wobble-head 
  • 38:20 Tube fishing for smallmouth bass

Finding Giant Smallmouth

  • Best bodies of water to target for finding big smallmouth bass
  • Understanding smallmouth behavior compared to largemouth
  • Locating bass: what to look for on the graph and marking waypoints

Zona's Favorite Smallmouth Bass Lures

  • Mark Zona talks about his best search & locate lure for smallmouth
  • He talks about another lure he likes to use in a similar fashion to long-lining a crankbait
  • What does Mark Zona think about a finesse fishing approach to fishing for smallmouth bass?


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