Bassmaster Elite Series tournament angler Jonathon VanDam grew up in Michigan and is very familiar with fishing big water for bass. In this instructional seminar, VanDam talks about fishing the Great Lakes.

What will I learn from a Great Lake fishing master in this 45-minute video?

  • Equipment - The first thing to know about fishing big water is, it can get dangerous in a hurry, and you may be a long way from help. Jonathon VanDam will give you tips on fishing the Great Lakes to help stay safe, so you can enjoy your time catching bass and not calling for rescue. Jonathon shares tips related to customizing equipment & additional equipment you should carry to increase your chances of a disaster-free day. VanDam also talks about using Power-Pole Drift Paddle and drift socks.
  • Locating Bass - Is there current on the Great Lakes? You'd be surprised how much water is moving through these lakes, learn how you can use this knowledge to your advantage. VanDam also talks about features to look for to help locate bass, including baitfish and reefs. Find the right contours with Humminbird Lakemaster Digital Charts.
  • Baits  & Lures - VanDam will share his most productive baits for fishing the Great Lakes, which include Spinnerbaits & Tube Baits. Jonathon goes into detail about the equipment he uses to fish his favorite baits, valuable information like reels, rods, line, hooks, etc.

Want to learn more about fishing the Great Lakes, and other big water? Watch Big Water Smallmouth Fishing & Fishing Big Water.

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