Jonathon VanDam, a Bass Pro Tour Angler, teams up with Bass University to teach fishing techniques in strong river currents and tailraces.

Jonathon shares his favorite baits and setups for fishing in strong currents. He explains that factors like the size of the fishing line and lures are crucial when trying to catch smallmouth or largemouth bass in fast-moving water near tailraces.

He focuses on spots where the current slows down, called current breaks, and explains why these places are where fish tend to gather when the water is flowing. After catching some nice smallmouth bass, Jonathon demonstrates how he sets up his finesse swimbaits. He emphasizes that how you present the bait and position your boat are vital for success when fishing in currents.

If you want to learn how to fish in strong river currents and discover the best baits to use near tailraces, join JVD and The Bass University for expert advice.

Jonathon VanDam Tailrace Fishing Chapters

  • 0:12: JVD Tailraces
  • 1:30: Key Baits and Setups
  • 8:58: Fishing Current 
  • 14:55: Current Breaks (Jetties) 
  • 17:25: Targeting Transitions with a Spinnerbait
  • 18:55: Bait Presentation and Positioning in Current
  • 22:30: Rigging a Swimbait
  • 23:05: Current is Key

Questions This Tailrace Bass Fishing Class Answers

  • What are Jonathon's favorite baits and setups for fishing in strong river currents and tailraces?
  • Why does Jonathon emphasize the importance of factors like fishing line size and lure choice in fast-moving water?
  • What is the significance of current breaks or jetties, and why does Jonathon target these spots when fishing in strong currents?
  • How does Jonathon approach bait presentation and boat positioning for success in fishing currents?
  • Why does Jonathon highlight the rigging of finesse swimbaits and their role in his tailrace fishing strategy?

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