Catch Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass? - Gluszek

Catch Largemouth or Smallmouth Bass? - Gluszek

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Pete Gluszek is talking about switching species between fishing for largemouth bass and fishing for smallmouth bass. If you have multiple species in your home fishing waters, you'll want to check out this video. Make the most of your day at the lake knowing whether largemouth or smallmouth should be more active and easier to catch. Covered in this 1 hour bass fishing instructional seminar:

  • When to target each species and why
  • Differences in behavior patterns of largemouth vs. smallmouth
  • Conditions & habititat that are more favorable for fishing for each species
  • Baits, Lures & Tackle for targetting largemouth vs. smallmouth bass
  • Finesse fishing approaches

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I'm really enjoying and learning a lot from the teachings. Keep up the good work!
- John B.