Prespawn Cranking for Largemouth Bass - Latimer

Prespawn Cranking for Largemouth Bass - Latimer

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FLW bass fishing tournament champion Brian Latimer is on the waters of Lake Hartwell with The Bass University to talk about a cranking for largemouth in the prespawn. 

  • 0:17 Targeting largemouth bass while cranking in the prespawn
  • 0:57 Breaking down the characteristics of a largemouth bass, and how that changes your cranking strategy
  • 1:38 Crankbaits and colors for targeting largemouth bass in the prespawn
  • 6:42 Rod, reel & line for crankbait fishing
  • 11:37 Not hanging as much and understanding what your equipment is telling you when fishing over rocks & riprap
  • 13:21 Changing crankbait hooks
  • 14:53 Brian Latimer takes you out on the water to look at some productive largemouth cranking banks
  • 17:09 Fishing for largemouth bass on riprap with a crankbait
  • 21:44 Boat posititioning when fishing riprap
  • 23:23 The anatomy of a largemouth and how it affects your location selection
  • 25:45 Best times for cranking largemouth bass 
  • 28:33 Reading the riprap bank for high percentage areas
  • 33:23 Changing crankbait colors
  • 36:11 Importance of the crankbait profile
  • 39:16 Rattle baits (lipless crankbaits)
  • 42:13 Identifying the spawning areas and where the bass will transition and stage before the spawn
  • 43:42 Why a lipless crankbait is a great bait for fishing for largemouth bass in shallow water

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To everyone at Bass University, Thank you guys for all that you do! I signed up for a yearly subscription last year and learned so much from all of the seminars. It was so convenient to find seminars on every topic all in one place. Without Bass University I was always searching the internet to find out new tips and techniques but this really simplified things. I really appreciate you bringing this wealth of knowledge to us anglers so thanks again!
- Scott B.