FLW Lake Seminole champion Brian Latimer goes out on Lake Hartwell, SC to help you learn how to locate, graph and catch fish off of roadbeds. Almost all reservoirs have old roadbeds, learn how to utilize them to catch more bass.

  • 0:50 Brian Latimer talks about context, what bass species are in your lake, and his 2 favorite baits/rigs for targeting spotted bass (including the nedmiki rig)
  • 5:23 Using your electronics to locate, graph and mark roadbeds with 2d & 3d sonar to find big winter spotted bass. Brian will show you exactly what a roadbed looks like on downimaging, sideimaging and 2d sonar.
  • 19:55 Brian demonstrates how to fish the locations that he marked on the graph and more on the baits he likes to fish
  • 24:43 Working a dropshot with elaztech baits
  • 26:46 Paying attention to the attitude of the fish
  • 29:28 Importance of marking fish on the graph and rod tip position when vertical fishing
  • 36:20 More on using waypoints
  • 37:35 Jigging spoon fishing
  • 39:24 Importance of watching the wildlife and if stripers in an area is a good or bad thing
  • 47:16 Marking bass on the 2d sonar and catching them

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